Art Market Gallery

The Art Market Gallery  

Dynamic Dimensions  

422 South Gay Street - Knoxville, TN 37902


The facade of creativity………  



Open for Interpretation 



Dynamic Dimensions


It is a beautiful, spacious venue and it is always changing its interior. Every month the gallery features a different artist and curators can change the gallery’s mood by moving around the large white display stands used for displaying different types of artistic pieces. In contrast to the main street which sponsors different performance events throughout the year, the gallery is a constant performance venue. Every time you step into the gallery, the experience is different.  

“At every instant, there is more than the eyes can see, more than the ears can hear, a setting or view waiting to be explored. Nothing is experienced by itself, but always in relations to its surroundings, the sequences of events leading up to it, the memories of past experiences leading up to it.” – Kevin Lynch, The Image of the City 

The Surronding Cityscape 


Artistic Images of Knoxville: It’s next door and across the street from several art galleries including The Phoenix Building, and just around the corner from Market Square. The first image is of art work that is displayed in Coffee and Chocolate, a quaint little shop between Market Square and Gay Street.  The center image is of the building across the street from Coffee and Chocolate. The third image is taken from inside of The Art Market Gallery.  

 History:  In the 1940s the Knoxville Art Center was established to promote the arts in Knoxville. The Knoxville Art Center later included another venue call the Dulin Gallery.  In 1982 the Dulin Gallery sold local artists’ works and, after the World’s Fair, formed the Art Market Gallery to provide a space to continue displaying and selling local artists’ work. The Knoxville Art Center disbanded in 1986 and one-third of its treasury was given to the Art Market Gallery, which set up shop in the same building as the Candy Factory next to World’s Fair Park. In 2005, they moved to their current downtown location. 

 First Fridays: On the first Friday of the month of April 2010, I attended the open gallery at The Art Market. All of the galleries downtown participate in the first Friday event. The city was teeming with life as people filled the streets, circulating from restaurants to galleries to the theaters and ice cream parlors.  The environment, not alike the typical quiet tone found in most art galleries, encourages interactions between art enthusiasts. English, French, Spanish, and other languages blend into the white noise as people crowd into the gallery to meet the artists, talk with friends, family and, at the evening’s close, to walk away with their own favorite pieces. There is a diverse range of art works displayed, from small, shiny jewelries to large, elaborate paintings.

A theatrical, modern looking sign, announces its presence in the city landscape. It is suggestive of cultural performance center and rightly so. The Gallery is supported by 60 artists, all of whom showcase their work in the gallery. On the first Friday of every month the gallery has a wine and cheese event lasting from 5pm to 9pm, and each event has its own theme, highlighting a particular artists’ work. It is not uncommon for upwards of 300 people to attend “First Fridays.”


-Hannah Durick
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